The best possible mage outfit and gear.

Whats the best possible gear a mage can have. im a member and money is not a problem.
With the battle staffs,
Which ones have which advantages?
What rune/runes do each provide?
What are the prices for all the gear?

I wouldnt be asking this, but the price guide and magic guide arent specific enough.
Thanks :smiley:

I would think either the air staff for beginners would have the advantage, or the Lava Staff.

Air Staff- Air runes
Water Staff- Water runes
Earth Staff- Earth runes
Fire Staff - Fire runes
Magic Staff- I don’t believe it provides any runes, but like the magic amulet it provides offense for magic (Not sure)
Lava Staff- I think this one is Fire / Earth, might be Fire / Air
Iban Staff- Ability to use Iban Blast
Saradomin Staff- Ability to use Saradomin Strike
Zamorak Staff- Ability to use Flames of Zamorak (Not sure either)
Guthix Staff- Ability to use Claws of Guthix
Slayer Staff- As far as I know, just the ability to use Magic Dart of Slaying
Ahrim’s Staff- Barrows item, stat effects are unknown to me (Need 70 defense and magic.)
(That’s all of them, isn’t it?)

Mystic Robes (Comes in White / Yellow, Black / Red, Blue / White. 40 magic requirement.)
Shade Robes (Dropped from a random event Shade.)
Wizard Boots (Treasure Trail item. 40 magic required.)
Saradomin Cape (From mage arena)
Zamorak Cape (From mage arena)
Guthix Cape (From mage arena)
Blue Wizard Robes (Not sure if this kind has a bonus, but it’s just a typical set of blue robes. No stat requirements.)
Black Wizard Robes (Not really black- sorta grey. Top is from a dark wizard, bottom is found in varrock clothes shop. No stat requirements.)
Wizard Hat (Comes in Black / Blue. No stat requirements.)
Ahrim The Blighted Set (Barrows robes, comes with hood. Appears like black robes but hood and small details are noticable. Requires 70 defense, 70 magic.)
Splitbark (Made from fine cloth and bark from a hollow tree. Requires 40 magic?)

Hope this helps, and sorry if I missed some stuff. I’m not really a mage, not really a price person lol. Might want to consult somebody else, but this is all I got. :slight_smile:

Wow thank you so much, I cant beleive someone took time out of their day to help me with so many questions, Thanks again.
Any other information is welcome to everyone reading this
how much is a lava battle staff worth, and how much is a full (blue)mystic worth?

Yes i agree with thumper thats a good guide to mage items.

My favorite mage outfit is full black red mystic with lava battle, dragon square and farseer helm! it owns all!

edit: by the way I dont actually have all of that I just think it looks really awesome :P. You could also replace lava battle with zammy staff because each owns in its own respect lol.

whats the diff between zammy staff and lava staff?
and whats this ancient staff someone wants to sell to me for 700k???

not many ppl r that rich 2 afford 1.1million on some clothes normal robes r fine if u have 41+mage and u r pure coz u can hit 13’s

Zammy Staff is from the mage arena in wilderness. It looks like a normal staff, but it branches out at the top and leaves an open spot where a red crystal is. It allows you to use Fire of Zamorak (Something like that) as well. The lava staff is a normal staff, with an orangish top to it. It provides fire and earth, I believe. The ancient staff is from the Desert Treasure quest. The quest is quite difficult, and even Jagex advises high level players should only try it (Jagex also claims that you’ll die no matter what level you are). The ancient staff is used for other spells, one including making your opponent a block of ice for a short time. I’m not sure if you can use the staff without doing the quest, but that is your choice if ya wanna buy it.

PS: It’s no problem, always a pleasure to help.

Barrows armor for mage :slight_smile:

Mage outift wud be erm well if ur looking for looks etc its Mystic but if ur looking for good mage outfit and some sort of defence againist melee n ranged its splitbark , ive had both… personally id say mystic…

Full mystic/ farseer helm/ sara staff / sara book / magic ammy / ring of recoil.