the best weapon

everyone wat do u think the best weapon on runescape is and plz tell why…( the wapons can be member and non member)

the big ax from barows

k any1 esle have some weapon they like

Obvious, abby whip. Or maul with 3 specials for pking.

yea i like mauls too

mauls…definantly mauls

actually… im quite fond of my dragon dagger §

kool so right now mauls are leading any1 esle have something?

magic short bow

nah magic shorts arent that good they’re ok dude… but cursed would u rather take a free granite mual or a magic short bow…

the best weapon is the abysmal whip…the special is nasty

Yes abyssal whip cuz u can like 3 hit people constantly in the wildy and score so much… but then people team on u cuz u have an abyssal whip and kill u reall fast.

What does the special do? Also I either think that the Granite Maul, Abbysal Whip, or one of the Barrows weapons is the best.


Actully, magic bow can be the best weapon in the game if you have the proper ranged level. I think, if your one defense and 1 pray, you can be around level 65-70 with 99 ranged shooting 22s.

lol yea 99 ranged

if ur 99 mage then ancient staff…
if youre 99 ranged crystal bow…
if youre 99 attack then definately bronze dagger § so fast, so powerful, so underestimated yet so deadly!

i say that dual hammers are the best weapon. I was pwned in wildy with 2 40s hit on me.

id take the maul, sell it and buy a magic short bow, then put the rest in the bank

lol cursed u r sad plz keep posting u make me laugh…

dude you can hit more than 22s with 99 range. at 85 range you can hit 17. at 99 u can hit about 21 nat. with range potion it raises it up to where u can hit about 24 i think. i know its more htan 22