~The Black Leaf~ 85+ combat or 80 mage/range

Read it first. This isnt the usual Yada Yada.

Our Website


85+ Combat or 80+ Ranged/Mage lvl

Clan Info

We are a very friendly f2p and p2p pk & war clan, but we also hold many other events such as KQ and KBD trips, drop partys, skill training events, fun wars and much more!
We have been around for about 8 months, but we had closed the clan for personal reasons…so now we are Re-opening!

Cyrus190 - Combat 106
Servos0 - Combat 105

High Council
Ryanw4390 - Combat 107
Aragorn7111 - Combat 102
Kbron1 - Combat 95


of Active Members - 45+

Average Combat - 94
Average Hitpoints - 78
Highest Level Member - 110

We speak english the most in this clan but other languages are welcome.
The leaders speak the 3 basic languages english, german and spanish.

Time Zones
Our time zone is central & eastern, we have some events for GMT people too.

F2P or P2P
We have equal members of F2P and P2P

Pk Trips
We have a minimum of three pk trips a week.

If you dont like pking we have an active events committee that has a different event every week.

Teamspeak & IRC
Yes we have teamspeak and alot of our members use it for chatting pk trips, events and other.
Our IRC channel is #tblrs, most of the members are on this channel talking and having fun.

Clan Rules
We have 10 simple but important rules that have to be followed if you want to stay in the clan

1:Don´t kill clan members or allied clan members.
2:Obey and respect your leaders.
3:Don’t Flame (insult) AT ALL.
4:You are not allowed to flee in any way from battle when with clan unless given permission
5:You are not allowed to be in any other clans.
6:Racism or sexual harassment will not be tolerated.
7:You are not allowed to participate in wars that do not support The Black Leaf.
8:No begging for free stuff is allowed.
9:Public chat must remain on “friends” or “of” at all times in the wilderness.
10:You must remain silent at pk trips.

These are simple rules that anyone can follow.

Pk trips:


Allies Pktrips:

Allies Wars:

Getting ready to war RD:

Charging RD:


How To Join

  1. Go to our[Forums](http://s12.invisionfree.com/the_black_leaf)
  2. Register the name you want
  3. Click Applications
  4. Read the “Requirements and Application Form” topic and COPY the application form.
  5. Go Back to “Application”.
  6. Click New Topic
  7. Paste the form in the new topic and fill it in

Please note that the application should look like this

Runescape Name:

Combat Mage and Range Level:

Are you in any other clan at the moment?:

Have you been in any previous clans?:

Reasons for leaving those clans:

How did you find out about The Black Leaf?:

Will you post 5 or more times a week on the forums?:

Can you attend to 5 or more events a month?:

How many hours per week do you play Runescape?:

Do you have Swift Switch?:

Do you agree with our rules?:

After you have posted an aplication and registered an account, talk to a leader or high council to be validated.