The Candoo Signature Shop

Welcome to my shop.I use Microsoft Paint so don’t expect anything special.
Any I am free Use this form plase when you order or it will not be completed.

Syle(grunge/solid/mixed solid):
Any other notes:

Type: Signature
Style: Tech
Text1: Duke Rune
Text2: Photoshop 4 Life
Any other notes: Dont misspell life…
wewt first post

i cant do tech

ok anything then just that text is important

what color

i dont care just make me a sig with that text! i just want a bleedin sig! i really really dont care!


there you go!

ty its cool but i probly wont use it. i could get that in about 10 seconds :frowning: sorry

ok i just need somethnig to do.

ok i just need somethnig to do.

ok i just need somethnig to do.

plz someone oreder im dyin here!

Syle(grunge/solid/mixed solid):solid
Color(s):Black, Red and Blue
Text1: D G
Any other notes:nope.

there you go!


No problem.
Someone else order plz.

Someone order please. I need something to do.

Syle(grunge/solid/mixed solid):grunge
Color(s):red and green
Text2(optional):made by darthrevanlord
other notes: could u get a yoshi in the sig?


there you go

thanks :D…