the choice

well many people have asked me to come back to rsr, but i dont want to if you dont want me too, i need you’r oppinion!

i will not take anyone’s vote personally
i just want to know.

thank you

Come back eldy :stuck_out_tongue:
I missed you a bunch ^^

I miss you! Come back :innocent:

welcome back, i hoped ud come back

i might not koshi mate, it up to rsr, do they want me back?

i have undergone many lessons since my goodbye, and i feel i have become a better person because of them…we’ll see

Based on the fact that you voted you should come back yourself, I think you shouldn’t really be influenced by what anyone says. You want to come back, so you come back.

That being said, I would like you to come back personally :wink: !

so mine does not count lol

I don’t know you but I put get lost as a joke :stuck_out_tongue:

I miss j00, I wubbles j00 :wink:

lol, i would like some senior figures to vote in this but so far this is good :slight_smile:


. :stuck_out_tongue:

nmk! i know you want me bACK! LOL
ok people no more jokes please this is seriouse…i need to know

Come back. It’s obvious you want to come back.

I want you to come back but I feel like it was me and Arimosa who made you leave. I’m sorry. You want a chocolate chip cookie?
gives eldarian a gigantic chocolate chip cookie

We all wubbles j00, get back here, or ill get my whip and whip you till you come back…

eldarian, was it partly me and ari’s fault you left???

it doesn’t matter if we want you back. If you don’t want to come back, then what’s the point?

I want you to come back.

the reason i left is i felt the HOL mods and admin hated me (apart from jolio and gym leader)
and i feel i caused arguments, and the ari thing didnt help but were cool now, and you…you’re cool :slight_smile:

and thing is i dont want to come back if rsr don’t want me here

I want you here Eldie… shuffles his wings sadly

man come back, everyones voting that they want u here, shows ppl like u
and u better come back…itll be in your best interest…