The cloned monsters!

This clan is for anyone with 50+ combat and 30+ in any skill or just 60+ in any skill

yes so little topics thats beacause i just started it, for the 3rd time yesterday, i wanna bring it back to life
if you wanna contact me ingame my name is
Abby Ratso

we have weekly pk trips, quite a few mining trips a month and drop partys about every 2-3 months

the site is at so if you wanna come just register and post in join here


You have to wait more than 10 minutes before you bump, it is more like 48 hours.

10 minutes or 48 hours, anyways sorry dont close

lol…no1s looking at it

what is bumping?

bumping is writing a simple post such as "bump or “any 1?” just to get your post to the top of the forums.

my stats are str47 attack43 def41 my over all lvl is 50 first what lvl is the owner of this clan?

guess no ones her :frowning: e

you could join sure

im lvl 75+

Im lvl 65, and have woodcutting and mining over 60. all my skill except for ranging are more than 30, my total level is over 700, and i have all prayers. i am still not sure if i want to join, but what is the goal of the clan? to kill and get money?
are there types of clan members or everybody is “equal”?

you can most definaltly join

ok its more than 2 days now so