The Completion of a Goal

Today, I finally got lvl 77 crafting. For those of you that don’t know, 77 crafting is red dragonhide body. So all I can really say is woooooooooooooooooooo.

Here’s a pic.

Good work Iced! You will be making alot of money… Full red dragon sells from 35k to 55k.

lol good job…i thought i did gr8 when i got lvl 43 crafting(dimonds)…any way…thats really lucky…what did u use to get that high of a lvl?..i used cowhides…any way gr8 job…

P.S.That must have takin a long time…:jester:

I was lvl 53 crafting like either 3 or 4 weeks ago.

I used a combination of molten glass, cowhides, and dragonhides. O yea, and some gems.

lucky members with there glass…lol…yha gems always kickd me up a notch also…but the 1 thing my friend did that i will never be able to do…he got to lvl 50 crafting only with balls of wool and gems…

P.S.he had well over 10k balls of wool…:jester:

O yea, I also spun a lot of flax into bowstrings, but that is a members thing.

Congratz on your level man. Now just buy those 12k cow hides you need to get to 80 :slight_smile:

Congratz Iced!

Good job, it is very hard to get over 60+ crafting, EXCELLENT JOB
Hope you get to your next goal while making red dragon hides

congrats on the lvl,
its hard to get crafting up

brovo! Encore! now gett it high enough to make black d hide, then get mage up to 55 and high alch them, :stuck_out_tongue:

Gratz! That’s quite an accomplishment!

Lol, sorry I didn’t sell you the gems, but my crafting is appalingly low :p. I actually spent the whole of my time from level 69-70 mining, collecting gems from Shilo Vil, I had a couple of friends that wanted to do Legends, so I let em cut and craft up to 50 - that’s why I have so many ammies.

Btw, didn’t you go on holiday or something? I think I read that in off-topic, or maybe I just need more sleep. Or just a rest. Bad stomach :frowning:

~ ewok

nice, thats cool, also im proud that ur using my autism sig : )

w0000000t! crafting ownage! nice work Iced!

very nice! im only 51 crafting :frowning:

Hooray Iced! Even though I knew about this yesterday! Hurray! Congratz! Red Dhide!

I said I would be taking a break from RSR, nut I would still be watching certain topics or creating topics of importance.

Congratz, really… I am trying to get to 50 in crafting…

nice good work