the covenant

Welcome to the covenant! Hello, I am j 2 the d. I am the captin of the covenant.

My lves are att=43 Str=43 Def=20

                                6Phophets, me
 all of these are the covenant ranks from halo2. If you want to jion, post your lvs below. We split all the profits made.

Some one likes halo 2 :roll:

Can’t blame you, it’s an awesome game!

Ya it is a awsome game!!! On xbox live it is the best game ever :smiley: :lol: 8) :wink:

Ill join my attack is 40 strength is 40 defence is 35 :smiley:

welcome to the covenant!!! You are ranked as a kig-yar. You will be moved up as you stay with and work with the clan. All the profits made by pkin we be slit in the clan. If you are a higher rank in the clan you get a biger profit. You will be able to comand all Unggoy. You cant betray any one other clan member in our clan. If you do you will be baned from the clan, and be killed if posible. 8)

YAY im in the clan :smiley: :smiley: is there anyone else in the clan?

P.S what is your rs username so i can add you to friends

my rs name is j 2 the d. there not any members yet because its new. but i have a lot of friends that want to jion. plz help get more poeple plz

I will join but my strength is 25, attack is 25, and defence is 24… :cry:

ill join my attack is 21 str 26 and def 20.
legends mine

What are the requirements?
BTW Infiltrator your back! Yay! :lol:

Zelmite…dont you already have a clan?

ill join i have 40+ att 32+ def and stenght my user name is powerful2400

by the way my username is dude1279