the dark angels official recrutment topic [50+]

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welcome to the dark andgels recrutment topic.

the dark angels used to be one of the biggest clans in runescape… but then we split up. me and my friend have decided to restart the clan again and try to fight our way back to where we used to be…


if you are interested in joining you and post below, visit our website( or contact reaper919 or dragon kid93

if you want to apply by posting here please leave your rs name, combat level and mage and ranged level. also it would be helpful if you could leave an email address.


to join you must have a combat, mage or ranged level over 50. OR any other level over 60


current number of members: 49

allies: none (if you are interested in allying post below)

please visit our site for more info:


the clan council is still very new and there are loads of positions available. here the are:

clan leaders: reaper919, duality171 and dragon kid93

council leader: available

war chief: available

head moderater: available

moderaters: [5 positions available]

advertising crew: reaper919 [4 more positions available]

event organiser: available

graphics: [3 more positions available]


we need some clan graphics artists. post if you’re interested.

hey reaper ur back now it can be like old

yeah, you gonna’ join again?

hey, I’m interested

rs name : me strider

combat: 61

magic: 33

ranged: 13:sorry:

minging: 61


ok i’ll sign you up as soon as the websites finished.

sure im lvl 74

cool. you were like level 30 last time i saw you.

ill join!

i’ve got combat 61

ok i’ll join rsn:carl de best

My old clan use to be called dark angels

ok, we have meeting and pk trips on wednesday 5:00 GTM. contact me for more info. the website is almost finished and you will also be able to get info from there.

so when do we meet?

the name is zerofang1
i’m a combat assassin
my level is 62

I’ll join!!!i’m lvl 57 and i’m a mix of mage(lvl 26), ranged(lvl 23) and melee(attack lvl 48, str lvl 50 and def lvl 41). i might come in handy.-z dude71

Can I join im lev 4.

mineing 50
cookinng 34

HINT: For best results, only release after the website is done…

ok you can all join and the sites almost finished (thanks for the hint titan)

I wanna Join IM lvl 68!!!

I wanna join !

combat +57 (melee)

ranged 40

magic 32

rs name kaspy13

ok. the sits now finished