The day after tomorow (sp)

Has any1 seen this movie i thought it was awsome Did u know they r making a sequal (sp).?

I thought it was okay. A little rubbish at the end where it all goes back to normal.

I highly doubt there will be a sequel.

Ah, that was the worst film i have ever seen apart from king kong… RUUBBISH.

Checked wikipedia, it didn’t say anything on a sequel.

I watched the movie, it is mostly scientifically inaccurate.

Great movie, alot of it is infact true, too. Humans will destroy themselves, even if it doesn’t even global warming.

You do realsie any random person can come along and write a Wikipedia article? Half of the information on Wikipedia is false.

i liked it, plots isnt that gr8 but effects and wot not were good (another 1 of my film tutors most h8ed films… hes crazy)

i did hear rumours awhile bk about a sequel but not much

I hope they make a sequel. I didnt realy find much of a plot or story but the movie looked great!