The Day in the life of a RS pirate

this is gonna be an enternal post, meaning i’ll update it every now and then.

Deadbeat and i are woodcutting!

Me getting owned!!! YAY lol

Arghh the fire!!! It burns my Bark!!!

A pirate doing what he does best…

A guard caught me stealing… I swore I would give it to the poor. I am the poor

I was attacked by a bounty hunter, I Despise Bounty Hunters!

and way more images to come.s

is a pirate hat a ‘‘slayer skill thing’’?

No a pirate hat is a treasure trail drop… Lvl 3 I think lol… And have fun on being a pirate all day arimosa!


Oh i will. I’m adding a pic right now, Pirates PWN NOOBS!!!

Lol get the Pirate eye patch. And you need a pic of pirates on the trawler game commanding what to do to your crew, aye!

Arghh! ye get an eye patch and meet me in the Trawler! We can pirates now!!!

but my friend is not on.

Yo Arimosa you seem to like pirates… Hm. I’m down wit that lol… Maybe one day, once I become a member (rrgh lol), we could go running around like crazy, drunk, pirates with pirate hats on? :smiley:



arr…those are some mighty fine pictues me boy…arr. lol but ya anyway nice pics and im hoping to we the other pics u will post

pirate hats are rewards from level 3 treasure trails…they are bought basically for the look…lol i should wear one when i train theiving…btw, nice pics arimosa

Thanks Guys, Eagles, tell me when your training theiveing, i’ll make a screenie

Yo yo yo I aint walkin no plank! :stuck_out_tongue: But I’m sadly getting it on the last day of school (June 21st Cries)


soooooon, inb like… 5 days. sweet!

Soon. But not soon enough! Lol wait they cost 300k right? (Pirate hats)


I think they do, check the price guide

Oh yeah… Forgot bout that for a sec lol…


pirate hats cost ony 200k…

Wha- Are you kidding me?! Woah I though they were more than that… Wow I could actually afford one (If I was a member, that is lol.)


they arent.

wow, I really need to get more money…that is, when i become a member…