The Death Monkeighs Clan (50 + Members, Reqs. Inside)

The Death Monkeighs.

The Death Monkeighs would like you to join their clan. They have over 50 friendly members, who would love to help you have a better time in RS.
Join today!

Our Requirements:
To enter this clan you will need:

55+ Combat

50+ Combat with 50+ Mage

50+ Combat with 50+ Range

Non Combat Skills:
Many of the main non-combat skills are a great bonus for you when you join our clan. Even if you do not like PKing, we have many other events for skillbuilders to appreciate

Our Site:
This is our clan forum. Here you can find TDM’s information not posted here, and meet the other members of the clan. We have an Alliance/War boards for other clans to fight or team up with us.

Have a great day- Carlos74, Leader of the TDM.

I am currently a member of this clan and wish to refer more to it. It’s an excellent clan with fun events and fun people. Hope you’ll consider joining. (By the way, it is quoted, because it is our official recruitment post from another forum)
The Death Monkeighs

*wanted to add, we’re now 40+ members strong, and you can only help us improve this number


requirements updated Check our site (Forum: Join Our Clan) for the new official requirements.

Hey I Wanna Join Here Are My Stats

can i join i have all the warrior requirments besides my strength which is 2 or 3 less then the required amount

Go ahead and submit an application josh if you are within 5 lvls of each of the requirements, just say that you have been referred and you’ll be fine.

i will sign up for it l8er on today wen i get home from school and i am gonna get my strength to 40 once i get my defence to 40 strength is curently 39

i cuold join but i have probem my player is lvl17 can still join

there r three ppl of mine that i would like to sign up for (if you allow)

#1: allidoispk1(pure)
so far he has 54 range and 44 hitpoints but… he is only lvl 37 i dont know if that is ok though i said that non-combat skills dont count against pures or something like that.
#2: sir jacob999 combat 58
#3 taylor2k4
51 mage
26 prayer( i am getting big bones for him right now so i can get 43 prayer)
and combat lvl 41

here are the stats for one other account i have
73 mining
63 smithing

edit: allidoispk1 is now lvl 39 with 56 range and 45 hp
edit(2): also taylor2k4 is now 53 mage

When you say that those are three people of yours, do you mean three friends you want to sign up for, or your three accounts that you want to sign up. If they are all your accoutns, just sign up with your main id.bets one (that meets requirements) and you can talk to carlos (leader) about using other ids in clan events such as pk trips.
If they are your friends, they will have to sign up on clan website if they join.
But whatever id(s) are joinging should meet these requirements:
Updated Defence:20+
Magic: 25+

Magic: 25+


If you have been reffered to the clan, the level requirements are lower’d by 5. If any of those id’s are within this 5 level range, justs ay that I referred you.
I’ll also just briefly explain requirements:
40 Attack + Strength- Wield Rune Weapon
20 Defense- Wear Mith armor
25 Prayer- Protect one extra item (your rune weapon, since you’ll be wearing non-rune armor provided by cla- this is basically to gurantee you aren’t losing anything if you happen to die)
25 Magic- Teleport (if need be)

We have a PK trip in an hour if anyone wants to join up for it.

err i don’t wanna join but i have my own clan and i was woundering if we could sign a peace treaty so we remain clan friends aand help eachother

all three of those accounts are mine

err wat do u mean?

thanks but here is the probem were do you guys hang out

We don’t usually ;hang out’ in a certain place or world, we talk on our forums and we co-ordinate places for events there.