.::The Duckie Battle Voting::.

Okay feel free to vote for whoevers sig you belive is best. First Signature to 10 wins.

krishna’s is better the render blends so does the text in Dama’s you can barely see the text there is contrast, thats no good!

I’m not going to vote because in my opinion I can’t tell which is worse.

the line in da middle thorugh of krishna’s…sry to point out the obvious:D

I can’t believe I’m winning. I whipped mine up in about 5 mins.

Sorry, but personally I think both of the text effects on each sig looks bad.

Krishna, you never anti-alias pixel text. And enlarging it is worse. For fonts like Visitor (Which I’m guessing you used), usually you want 12 px or under for it to look good/sharp.

Synther, this isn’t the best I’ve seen from you. The text is hard to read, and basically just needs some effects to go with the sig. It looks like you rushed it, sorry, you could have done better.

I’m not going to vote for either. It seems like a draw to me, I’ve seen better from both of you.

Synther didn’t make anything. That’s mine.

Oh, lol. Sorry I just assumed he made it, since he posted it and there wasn’t a name on it.

And now I just noticed the v2.0… lmao. Ah well, then that advice I said goes to you :wink:

lol yeah looks like Dama v2 is winning but its really close

i dont get it! look at his sig for a second um he did it in a few mins and his way of making sigs that render litteraly stinks! i’m fine with the tyers but i mean i think some new people voted for him no offence

tyer or tires or tyle’s?..

w/e…well…your line in the middle where you background colides is a real throw-off/not:frown:…go dama!

okay ksouth u really dont no how to vote i need mage kill or alias to tie it up lol
o yeah ur entrie in my battle the border isnt on the border of the sig on the left side and ur complaining about a little line! thats not there its just diffrent things

im just saying…and i see your vfiewing thread right now:D…yoiu coulda blended the line in da middle…then…i woulda voted for u:D…:flamed:

krish …:smiley:

so so close…

9-7 Intense!

some one vote for dama or ill subliminal message you all!..jk:D…vote for dama:D

vote for pedro rofl

o snap yes…krishna one…woo hoo:D

I WON W00ts! I can’t believe I won mine stinks!