.::The Duckie Battle::.

“The Duckie Battle”

[i]The Duckie Battle is goin to be a signature competition. Anyone can enter if they follow the below rules.

[li]Must use render provided*
[/li][li]Must say somewhere upon the signature it must say, "The Duckie Battle, and your Name
[/li][li]The size must be below "450x200
[/li][li]Must be completed by April 22

*Here is the render:

Your reward will be a Bar Signature made by me.

Current Entries:

Dama V2



Thanks, .Enviro (Synther)

P.S. Be creative and have fun.[/i][

I’m in if you accept me.

I’m in this should be intesting.

lol nice one, im in

lol w00t I changed it now anyone who wants to enter can its open for everybody

I can’t wait I’m already starting!

aight sounds good dama v2


just add your name to it dama and its good

Here you go.


I’ll enter. :smiley:

ok dama thats cool and saweet good to have you entering demon

This will be intresting im in DUCKIES RULE

heres my entry i feel bad for the duck

wish him good luck!


Thats a pretty nice one Krishna.

good entries guy I am goin to add it to the first post and keep them coming

is voting up yet looks like its me vs. dama 2

I am putting voting up now…

NO! WAIT! Here’s my entry


sorry dilson votin is already up I might make another battle with a saweet render and you can enter in thast one but im sorry