The easiest way

What do you think is the easiest way to make money.

buying coal low selling it high… unless your a miner then mine coal and sell it… 8)

Either that or just mining and smithing in its self.

not till lvl 60, but sell yews 200-400gp each
sickmate 8)

dude get yews, and high alch… for now though, just work on your magic… low alch?

I make emerald, sapphire, and ruby jewlery, and sell it for lots.

Ya, that can help you to, but they dont sell for as much, or at least not sapphire.

:twisted: mine some iron and make iron legs and sell them to members or the (everything) store.

Iron dont sell for that much. You really would be spending more time mining and smithing and not getting all that much money.

what do you people mean by make money!!? all these tips can only make you like 100k or so…thats nothing…or is that what you mean??

Im sure thats what they mean.