The easter bunny

It said that the easter bunny will be around for 2 weeks? Is that right Becausei didnt get a rubber chicken yet. And what are toy horse for?

dont worry you still have time :wink:

I think he stays here until April 4th, but you should go get a rubber chicken soon. They’re awesome and you can slap ppl!

Here’s an Easter Pic with a rubber chicken in it:

u should have just said look at my sig lol

Does the easter bunny just randomly pop up and give it to u? like the old man?

No, Not like that. You find the Easter Bunny around Falador, It will keep hopping around there. If you find it, Just talk to it, Then it will tell you to hand out some eggs, then after you hand out eggs to ppl, Then The Easter Bunny will give you a rubber chicken.