The Elfish Angels Recruitment ! Come join us now (or allie)

Welcome to clan Elfish Angels!

Some Information about this clan would be that we are a friendly clan with some revenge toward evil or disturbed clans. We hope to become strong enough to take down evil in war!

Future War Squads And Trip Organizers as soon as we reach a steady member count.

This clan is a new clan and needs members!

Please come join us we have great forums and decent requirements

Clan Requirements 75 combat + 65 hits or 70 range or 70 mage!

Clan Website:

Current Registered: 11
Post Count: 321

-Lone Wolves

the elvenbanedragons well ally you

The Pillars of Runescape are willing to become allies. We look for many alliances.

go to the site and post on alloies if you will :lol:

we are doing good so far but we need more active members lol.

are you guys gonna allie with us or what?? just gotta go to our site :slight_smile:

recquirments have changed to 70 combat + 60 hits 65 range or mage

u need to lower the requirements peeps like me who do little combat can not get in.
i craft mine etc
mining 72 smithing 53 crafting 40 fleching 47 fishing 50 etc

want me to join?or am i not good enough?

Clan Requirements 70 combat + 60 hits or 65 range or 65 mage! Or 65 in any skill