The Eliminators (Level 70 to Level 80) *The Making*

6 Peice Clan…

4 Melee’s
1 Mager
1 Ranger

You Must Supply Own Equipment!

I am a Melee so we only need 3 more melee!

Once i have decided who will be in clan which will be in 2 days… we will start discussing the Weaponary & Armour!

Post Back Your…

Runescape Name:
Combat Level:
Attack Defence Strength Prayer Magic And Range Level:
What Position You Want:
Where Your From:

im a combat lvl 64 melee: attack is 54, strength is 55, and defence is 51, my prayer is only 29, but i do 15’s with a r2h

Position Filled…

Whats Your RS Name:
Where Are You From?