The Empire of Elves ( Re open ) aka Elfish angels!

Welcome to the Empire of Elves!

Some Information about this clan would be that we are a friendly clan with some revenge toward evil or disturbed clans. We hope to become strong enough to take down evil in war!

Future War Squads And Trip Organizers as soon as we reach a steady member count.

This clan is a new clan and needs members!

Please come join us we have great forums and decent requirements

Clan Requirements 70 combat + 60 hits or 65 range or 65 mage! Or 65 in any skill

Clan Website:

Current Registered: 11
Post Count: 321

-Lone Wolves

FYI not to be picky but it is elvish not elfish.
P.S. good luck with your clan.

dude im not stupid look up elfish in the diction ary and,

the clan is now known as: The Empire of Elves

man is anyone comeing i need to recruit members.

Don’t double post.
Maybe no one will come because of your bad spelling. lol

im just kidding

Lol sry didnt mean to double post :o