The End Of Inactivness Ends

i just made this thread to see how many people say welcome back even though they have no idea who i am

PS where can i find a price guide?

welcome back

um 1 word 1 syllable…


hey, what up man!? long time no see … :roll

for some reason i don’t think anyone will really remember you because you registered last year and only made 24 posts

you can find the price guide in the sticky at the tops of the markets you look though, like there is the rares price guide in the rares market =)

this is in the wrong section {{reported}}

spam hapens, except it as a fact of life, what do you mean wrong section?

you should have put this in introductions my…well i can’t call you my “friend” because i don’t respect you well enough yet. but still…you get my advice which wouldn’t matter now…would it.

well i could be nice and say welcome back, but im not that nice so…i dont welcome you back, as a matter of fact, i hate spammers…

Well it was nice talking to you, thank you and have a nice day…XD

welcome…seems like u forgot the rules…

Welcome Back

i dont knoe you but hey! welcome back!

i have no idea who you are but…nice to see you :slight_smile:

never seen or heard of you, but welcome back.

btw, this belongs in the off-topic section