The End Of The World

What do you think will be the cause of the end of the world? Post your suggestions please.

Nuclear missle launced at us and we and maybe our allies launch back and then china or someone realizes that our missles will kill them all so they fire and then everyone fires and we all die. That, or after the rapture but I may have just described that.

most likely i will be the cause of the end of the world just because im unlucky like that

in million of years the sun will explode (like every other star does) and take out the first four planets in that explostion but if earth is not hit we still will die…no sun

dude the sun exploding will take out more than 4 planets…

We’re the fourth planet…

Just natural death. Or human destruction.

do you know how many miles of space is inbetween…alot and this theory was on the discovery channel

btw…theres a thread further down about the same exact thing…and u made it >_>

The sun is going to explode in a few billion years. We have some time to kill.

I would say Global Warming, lack of rescources, etc. Human caused effects.

ya but the sun is huge…i think it would take out more

  • the radiation from the sun would kill alot…

um who do I think is smarter, you or people that study space

me…cause…i said so

Humans are going to destroy the world not the sun.

The third…(Mercury,Venus,Earth)

The fourth is Mars.

Also, the Earth can escape the Sun because the sun gravitional pull will become weaker.

By the time a billion years will come humans will have;

A. Destroyed themselves with Nukes
B. Destroyed themselves with other weapons
C. Gotten Destroyed by the sun
D. Moved on to different planets

I hope it’s D.

Really, I think that man is going to end up killing itself with all of the pollution and other problems we are causing. Either the O-Zone Layer is going to break or we are going to run out of food or even some other natural disaster. Now that is if I wasn’t a Christian that would be my opinion.

Now, I think the end of the world will be when Christ comes back to take his people to Heaven. If you want the rest of that story, read Revelation in the Holy Bible.

Amen! That is so true!

Christ will come again and for those who know Him, it will be such a glorious day!!

naruto vs sasuke, the chakra shall destroy us all!
i swear the final episode will blow up the world!

or just global warming lol

Americans will kill us all and eat us when the cows run out!!!

Global Warming is gonna kill 50Mill people anyway, that’ll leave just over 5Bill left, we are going to starve because the suns HUV and radiation will break through the O-Zone (which we are currently killing unfortunately) and kill a few people, and all the crops will die yada yada yada and a lot of people will die because of starvation, mainly Africans because they are starving already.