The End Of The World

What do you think will be the cause of the end of the world? Please vote, and if you have any other ideas, please post them.

none of them…there wont be an “end of the world”

Yes there will, when the human race is wiped out and the world blows up or something like that.

Well we will die soon The sun will burn out and we will lose heat if te earht moves foward 1 inch or back 1 we die

well there are many points of vews you can look at it from.
a religiuse point,
phisisophical or what ever u call it point of vew many and many’


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Right there your wrong.
It could be possible, without a warning.
I think the back sun whatever will end the world.
Or just natural disasters like hurricanes, blizzards, twisters, etc.

A destructive diesease. infulenza killed more than world war 2. and something worse might happen someday.

Out of those choices (only 1 being logical), it wasn’t really hard to choose.
The sun isn’t going to turn into a black hole anytime soon, and there sure aren’t aliens about to zaporize us. Unless you call out of country people aliens. Then maybe ;D

if there is an end of the world, it is going to be nuclear warfare to do it!

Global Warming, but a prephet who predicted 911 and Hitler says world’s gonna end in 2011.

true demon global warming is a big issue right now! but i still think the human race is going to blow itself up.

A disease will probably wipe out mankind, but the end of the world will come when the sun expands, encompassing the Earth.

PS. Our sun doesn’t have sufficent mass to become a black hole, or a supernova for that matter.

If it did wat would it b like???

i think its going to be a desease, or were just going to waste ALL of our resources and the human race will die off do to there being no food, or when theres no oil. the goverment wont care for alternitave sources and attack all countrys with any oil supplys
or a new superpower tryign to take over americas athority, and they have a fight and well…ya

The world will destroy itself in Anarchy!!!

I reckon war will cause the end of humanity from lack of food and water from global warming and oil wars.