the fluffy devils are recruiting mages and warriors

we the fluffy devils are recruiting. 40+ but no noobs [lol]. WE ARE PKERS! NOT ANTI PKERS. we offen havee battles. me myslef am the cornel. you will start off as i private - den could possiblybecome general. [not very likely thou]

are website will tell u everyting u need no:

the first 2 mages will be head mages

the first 2 warriors cornels

private message me or burgular [he is the founder] tell us your stats or just post in heere.

“whats the moto?” "whats the moto with you?!


i would like to join
i have combat 50.atk,def,str,hp is 41 and i have 45 fishing and 46 cooking

my rs2 name is : we1man

hey jonny i dont no if weve met yet but im actully 3 in command (burglar sed this) so dus that mean i can recruit

yes sure you can get members and weiesdragon your in the clan.

Umm…you might want to change the name :lol:. It sounds a bit…odd.

no offens agzola but know 1 asked you.

yo no need to get nasty she or he has a fare point

any1 whose in the clan sho up at the meeting place (see events on the website)

hey r u still in the black angels? :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x

no soz reaper but we will allie with you.

id like to join!

i might be the weakest in the clan but hear are my addtributes


PS im always training

I would like to join.

RS Name: Warkistic

Combat: 59

Notable Skills: Fishing - 57; Cooking - 50; Woodcutting - 56; Mage - 32; Ranged - 35

i dont accept ur allience. u betrayed us and we dont like traitors, ur goin down.

yo reaper tell me ur clan stats yo i dont want a war im a man of peace thats y i dont fight in any of the clan wars so lets settle this properly how did we betray you i dont turn up at the meetings an when i do im asleep
waristic your in the other guy wots ur combat lvl?

hold on a sec reaper u cant handle rune an ur threating me? look at my stats then

i do turn up at the meetings ive never missed one. i turn up at the meetings at 4:30 GTM. and i can handle rune theyre my old stats in my sig. but i mite change my mind about ur allience offer ill talk to the other clan leaders.

no u sed ur going down well i want a boxing match in either dual arena castle wars or wildy ur pic

max pain said hed tell you im out reaper any way wed own you in a war but i dunt mr.o ya and if you want to be in the clan come to the meeting on friday at 5 on wrld 16 gmt varrok museam.

warriors of fire clan wan no when this war is if there is going 2 be 1.

in alliencess with black angles :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:


oh, i thought that u just left and started a clan without telling any of the leaders. well if u want i will allie with u, srry about wen i sed ur goin down.

this is the third topic you have for the same thing…use the search feature to find your old ones before making a new one