The Future of RSR

Prepations are being made to in the coming months for a drastic, huge, unrivaled chance to RSR. Every single modification that we have personally made to RSR combined could not come close to the scope of what this will be. It will be revolutionary, it will completely (hopefully for the better), change RSR forever.

As you know (or soon will), RSR runs on “phpNuke”, a content management system which is integrated with the forum system “phpBB”. RSR has grown immensly over the past months, moreso than ANY of the other Runescape boards in the world, and with we have pushed our current software to the limit. The heart of RSR is the forum, mentally it is what people come to RSR for, and physically what uses up most of the server resources. We simply need a more powerful forum.

That is why RSR has chosen to replace its current forum system with a newer, more robust system that will be able to handle such extreme loads with more effeciency for both the user and the server. It will, however, be seperate from the actual RSR “site/content/guides/news”, as with other RS sites. The current phpNuke System and Chronicles theme will remain perfectly intact, just the forums will be removed to their own section. Sadly, the theme that we currently have on the forums may not be carried over, however it could be readded in the future.

The transfer to the new forums system should only involve a few hours of downtime, with the entire procedure rehersed personally by me to insure there are no “bumps” in the road.

Your User information, passwords, posts, private messages, etc., will be transferred to the new system.

What are your thoughts on this entire move, should it happen, sooner, later, never, done differently, etc.?

I said this in announcements, and I’ll say it again.

Duke! Get wowbb forums! it’s complicated at first, but it’s friggin amazing. You can give mana to people, which is like prestige.

And man, I’d join netbux and earn the money for it just to donate to you getting it.

actually, thats not a bad idea. If RSR got an Paypal account and the staff added their emails to it we could use netbux and raise some money to keep upgrading our system.

Just let Duke do what he wants to do.

Woohoo finally the forums will be seperate from the site. You should definately start this soon. A new theme would be very good too!

as i have said before duke, i think the current theme is very easy to navigate and it would be a shame to loose that, if the theme is the same after the move then its a good idea.

saying that, its a good idea anyway…just that one small worry :slight_smile:

wayn0 what part of the site do you wish to keep the same theme? Forums or Site?

I’m getting to really like these forums! Very efficient, if we could get the Chronicles background back, that’d be really awesome!

I’m lovin it as well :slight_smile:

I think this is a mad awesome change, everything is bigger and better and stronger and easier. What about the advertisements, could you maybe add in a different one? Like maybe something for guild wars considering the extreme popularity of it within the community of RS players

I hated it at first, but it has grown on me.