The Gatorade Conspiracy

While browsing the net today (because I had nothing better to do) I can across a blog which had a very informative article on the Gatorade conspiracy.

I still cannot get myself to stop laughing, it’s was an awesome article, I suggest all you guys read it and read the comments as well, the flaming comments about the blog make the entire thing oh-so much more hilarious.

Oh and the blog has the article split into 2 parts so be sure to read them both (though the first one I found much funnier than the second one :cool:)

Note: Don’t blame me if you read this.

Both of those are bad links. I’m sure it’s funny, but I can’t see it.
:spin: Kingofallpie

yea…bad links…just copy and paste them here an we’ll read em

danm I wanna read em :\

Ok I edited the links. It should work now.

LMAO i loved omg thats hilarious…wow great find

rotf, thats hilarious

haha thats funny…make sure you say like 14 or older or something though