The Gemini Fan Club

Welcome to the Gemini Fan Club, Gemini is the kindest guy on RSR!!!
Just post you thoughts about him and you’re in!



Gemini is a gret guy,u r absolutly correct!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Huzzah!!! Huzzah for Geminiman!!!


why doi have a strange feeling that we will have a new rule on rsr soon? one that says “no fan club posts”??

or maybe they will just make a new subsection for fan clubs…

sigh… wha’ts this world coming to?

lol i completely agree with you. gemini is pretty cool though.

:frowning: :cry: why do I never get any credit for anything? didnt I kinda start this in the “dont you agree?” post sob sigh cry :cry:

This is turning into spam and I really think this should be locked (no offence Geminiman). I mean, it’s also kinda sad, and you’re killing what the other dude started :slight_smile:

~ ewok

Another Fanclub! Wow, guys, sure there are plenty of great people on this site but you don’t have to go and idolize them by starting a -enter user name here- fanclub. Its pointless… IF you want to tell someone that you appreciate thier kindness or that you just respect them. Please just pm them. Like Keyser said, I have a feeling that soon enough there is going to be a No Fanclub rule. I am not trying to be rude, Geminiman and XGod-chaserX are great guys, but instead of making a topic that wastes memory and time, just do some like siggy that says, join the enter user name here Fanclub, Copy My Sig. Or something similiar to that effect. Don’t start spam topics like these. Thankyou

oh, so what? i dont get a fan club?

I want a fan club tooooooooooooooo… :cry: :cry: :cry:

thank you

I can see what mrparris, Purplexed, and Keyser are saying… Yeah, I really do appreciate this and all that respect4mods and Redwraith created fan club topics of me and such but yeah… I really don’t want any of you to get in trouble for doing this… Personally, I don’t believe I deserve to have a fan club but yeah… I still thank you all for your compliments but I really don’t want this to be categorized as spam and have to live through seeing your names getting warnings cause I’ll feel bad… But yeah, again thanks to everyone but you could always PM me these stuff… I’m free all of the time… Sorry if I kinda sounded harsh on this…

I do not care if I get in trouble lol gemini is the nicest guy on rsr he was even being kind in his post above mine! Go gemini!

Don’t get me wrong Geminiman, if anyone deserves appreciation, it certainly is you. I just don’t believe that Duke would especially like people making tons of “fanclub” topics. You are a great guy, and you do “deserve” this, I’m just not sure if this is going to lead to dozens of fanclub topics that will lead to spam. Later,

Don’t get me wrong Geminiman, if anyone deserves appreciation, it certainly is you.

Pfft… I don’t know why though… I contribute absolutely nothing to this site… Sure I try to help out here and there but a lot of the times, the info I give may be wrong… Oh well, thanks for the compliments though but yeah… I do hope that there isn’t a bunch of fan club topics are created…

Hmph… Gemini helped me realize something which I do not wish to post here and I beleeve he is the kindest being…on rsr at least lol. He helped me fite(not in bad way) for my dignity and helped me get the trust of others back ty so much Gemini. Hurrah for Gemini. All Hail Great Geminiman! :smiley:

That’d be quite a good idea (i think)…

Yeah, and i also believe Gemini is a great guy here in RSR

Lol, Gemini may be the kindest RSR member (certainly the one with the longest posts :P) but these sort of things attract a lot of spam, so unfortunately, the Geminiman fan club must shut down :frowning:

~ ewok

gooooo! gemini!!!

Yeah thats what I would say about Geminiman, The one with the longest posts…

Gemini man does make the best posts because they are long and always make sense Gemini nevered spammed at all. I guess everybody is right about the fan club thing though it does attact alot of spam.