the genie

Does the genie only give u the lamp once? If not, how often do u get the genie’s lamp?

you can get it more then once,its a randome event,you never know…

when he appears he gives you one only, if you ignore him u get to go to a mime place and win a mime mask and new emotes. a genie appears more than once so he gives you 1 per turn.

lol everyone would have mime stuff then :lol:
If you ignore him you get teleported to lumby castle basment. The EXP given by the lamp is related to your level eg 45 prayer you get 450 EXP. I’ve had 2 geneies within 2 minutes of each other, it’s the roll of the dice

I think its random where he teleports you.

ok, i hope it comes soon! :slight_smile: ive seen a noob teleported by the mysterious old man to a cell in the wizards tower. do all random events which give ya stuff besides drunk dwarf teleport you?

When he teleports you he also scatters your inv.

oh thats bad. what are these random events for? is it to make the game more interesting?

random events do two things

  1. Stops autoers (ppl who use special programs to automatically do things for them e.g mine, wood cyt etc.)

  2. Makes the game a bit funner for those who play the game like it should be played 8)

Before I got visited by the genie, I thought the genie was a rare random event because by the time I got my first genie visit, I have been visited by the dwarf like 6 times and the mysterious man at least four times, twice with that box and twice just to give me stuff… Nothing special, the best thing I have ever gotten was like 200 gp… But yeah… So far, I have been visited by the genie twice… It’s nice that they have that advance experience points feature… It helps to get up my mining since now I have to get 40+k exp points per level :P…

you get to got to the mime if a mysterious old man teleports you there

it gives u an unlimited amount

just as a side note the amount of exp you get is your level in that stat x 10

I don’t think he scatters your inventory, but I’m not sure. XGod-chaserX, it has already been said that the amount of exp you get is your level times 10. I usually use genies to increase my prayer exp., but occasionally I ask for exp. in a different area.

you get to got to the mime if a mysterious old man teleports you there[/quote] Yea the old man teleports u there and u have to kinda like simon says u have to copy what the old man does and if u loose u die.

I’m pretty sure you don’t die if you lose.

Random events: Swarm, There is no known way to kill these just run away from then and they will go. Rock golem, When mining will start fighing you. Their level depends on how stong you are, just run away a bit and they will go. Smoking rock: rock will start to smoke and if you keep mining will explade thus you losing hp and breaks your pickaxe which can be fixed in the dwarf mines. Pickaxe breaking. When mining sometimes your pickaxe will lose its head, all you have to do is pick it up and ise them togethere. Killer tree:tree will turn into a ent and ruin your hachet and kill you if you don’t move. sea monster: will star killing you just move away and it will stop killing you… Genie: gives you a lamp which when you rub it will increase a skill by a certain amount. Drunken Dwarf: gives you a beer and a kebab. Old man: This, I think is the most interesting one. You can get anything from 1gp to a gem or something better, get teleported to a maze, mime man plus lots more. Fish: Eats your fishing gare and spits it over to somewhere. whiteshama44 don’t call people a noob, call them a lower level than you or someone who is new. Calling someone a noob in my opinion is being noobish. Hey this just gave me a new idea for a guide!

i didnt noe that ent kill yu if yu dont move

The part about the ent is the only thing I’m not 100% sure of. But if you can’t kill it and you don’y move it will slowly kill you won’t? since trees can’t move…

The ent only destroys axes if you keep cutting at it once it appears. If you don’t cut at it and it just stands there, it will not attack you.

The tree spirit attacks you.

Once the ent breaks you axe, you cannot repair it.