The Great Race

I am starting up the greatest race rune scape has ever seen.
it will be across the ftp worldy. its will be a clan rep race so only one person per clan may enter. winner get prize and bragging rights

i will have people in all cities to make sure no one teleports or cheats.

The entry fee will be 30k per clan.

i will post maps of the course and more informations soon.
i still need some people to help so plz contact me at scar blader if u would like a job.

your coments on the idea would be great
date is yet to be set

this is so a scam… 30k to enter!!!


i mean i went around scaming clans i would have hundreds of people after me i would never be able to go in the wildy again

thats such a scan hahahahahahahhahahaahhaa

Scan i believe the word u are looking for is scam and that it is not. i am just trying to create another comp between clans instead of just war

DUDE, Make the entry fee free, and ill compete

if he made it free then he would be paying his own money he needs a fee 2 get the prize, alothough it is a bit 2 much m8.

i guess 30k per clan may be to much for the smaller clans so i am dropping the price to 10k but the race will not go ahead if we do not have enough people entering so tell your clan leaders about the race!

i might but define race, i don’t understand

so what if you have to take the money out of your own pocket…where do you think the money is coming from for my dueling contest(BTW everyone enter for a chance to win 70k)

I highly think this is a scam.

I think this is a scam.

this is a scam

there is no point in doin thi cus ppl arent as stupi as u think(btw the war between WG and RO sum of the WG guys teamed up on me al over lvl 100 :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: and i am very mad!!! :evil: :evil: !!!

this is definently a SCAM!
30k for entry fee?!?!?! thats stupid!

im a friend of scar blader and he said who ever wins the race will get a 100k

i would like to comfirm melroseman’s remarks about the prize money.

Along with bragging rights saying they are the fastest clan in runescape there will also be a prize of 100k min

so please get in contact with your clan and its allies because the more clans that compete the more prize money!$!$!$!$!$

Yeah, 30k is way too much for an entry fee… I was thinking you might have meant 30gp or 3gp or something… Even 30gp is quite a bit… Sorry but this is more of a scam than a race that offers a big reward…

i would like to have a vote on what the good players think would be a good price for the race

note: the price will effect the prize money


A good price for the race? 0 gp!!!

This is a scam! Who cares if you’re the “fastest clan in runescape”? Who cares if you’re a fast clan? You have to be a strong clan!

more like youre starting up the greatest scam runescape has ever seen