the history of the name "Ogo"

So here it is… the history of the name ogo the fat
Ok, so he and i go to the same school and often ive seen him playing rs, and here on rsr, i had played before, and hated it, so i made a new account named ogothefat 2 a black girl with purple hair… lol to make fun of him, cause i didnt like rs. then i got intrested in the game, changed to a white guy, and got serious.
as alot of u know, i was muted for a while on rs, i have quite a filthy mouth, i have gotten him in trouble a few times, on rs and recently on rsr, people think he;s me and report HIM for MY language. anyways, just wanted to say that all credits for names, and of my quotes were stolen from him, lol playfully of course, but never the less. just wanted to say mainly to him, thanks so much for putting up with me, he helped me get started, gave me stuff, some times got mad, but rightfully so. so lol to describe how newby i was heres a pic:
lol im braggin about a 3 lvl up, yet he;s nice to me. lol
dunno if its to small, but im braggin about getting lvl 5 smelting all i have on, he ave me, lol

ya…a lot of people have gotten you and him mixed up a little…like the first time i saw you, i thought it was ogo1…thought he just made a new name…oo btw…the pic is kinda small…cant really see what it says…but then again…it might just be my comp…its been messed up now for a while…i think i need a new one…