The Knights of Lodi are RECRUITING!!! (Anyone can join!)


The Knights of Lodi are a new clan, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be great. Anyone at any level can join. Although there are requirements for different ranks. More information can be found on the site. Go to the forums to join, please use the application found there (Note: You do NOT have to register to fill out an application or to post on certain boards, but if you want to become a clan member, you will have to register eventually.).

SINCE THIS CLAN IS JUST STARTING OUT, Clan Points are NOT necessary to achieve ranks, ONLY THE LEVEL REQUIREMENTS APPLY. This way there are more people in different positions earlier.

Here is a picture of a recent meeting we had just to get to know each other.

Note: There are two female characters there, but only one is actually a girl. 0_o

Come on, hurry before the better rankings and positions are taken!

whered you get your sig

I made it, It’s also the clan banner.

ill join i applied on forms


Okay, you’re in. Just register there and reply to your topic to finalize it. Thanks!

Yo up Kon and Nihon yo peeps join this clan it rocks im on it to it Leon thats me yeah!!!
lmao im sooo bored srry

Lol Lol Lol

Please try not to double post, I really don’t need this topic locked…

Please, don’t spam. Also, we are getting more members! Hurry while there are still good positions! I am also thinking of making this clan private after a while, so if you don’t hurry, you may never be able to join!