the Ku Klux Klan

WOW! these people are weird. look
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Amazing. that is so racist. and look at this

The time in which we live is very exciting and any like minded individual would be proud to be an associate or supporter of this grass-roots movement to take back America. The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan will in the years to come, become recognized by the American people as THE WHITE RIGHTS MOVEMENT! Where ever they live, whatever their personal religious denomination may be, no matter what present political or fraternal organization they may be with, everyone should support the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan as the political PARTY of the future and the the Last Hope for America. The Knights Party, realizing that to achieve true security for our people we must achieve political power in the United States, will:

A. Become the leader of the White racialist movement

Through a strong organized show of leadership

Through the training and use of qualified media representatives

Through a concerted effort of all Klansmen and Klanswomen to carefully follow instructions, suggestions, and guidelines as set by headquarters and to continually strive to be THE BEST

B. Strive to become the representative and driving force behind the White Community

Through large organized public rallies

Through an aggressive use of television, radio, and print advertising

Through huge nationwide literature drives in which millions of people are reached with our literature.

To legally break through the liberal wall that surrounds America’s colleges and universities - to reach and instruct students in the reclaiming of their schools.

Through the effective use of project committees to assist in the re-education of law enforcement agencies and the educational establishment. These two very important groups must be given another side of the story instead of only receiving information from organizations such as the ADL, NAACP, and Klanwatch.

C. Organize and direct white people to a level of activism necessary to bring about a political victory.

Through the organizing and maintenance of strong local units.

Through bold public relations campaigns focusing on two main ideas:

The White Christian people have been betrayed by our nations political, economic, educational, and religious leaders

The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan Party is the last hope for America.

Through the aggressive and combined effort of Knights’ units (The core of the grassroots movement) to work within their community in all aspects of a political campaign, including but not limited to:

Getting literature into the hands of everyone in the community.

Keeping the name "Knights of the Ku Klux Klan " in continual high profile.

Sponsoring ads in local newspapers and on local radio and television networks.

Working on petition drives to achieve ballot access for Klansmen or Klanswomen who run for either local, state, or federal offices; such as school board, mayor, state representative, congress, senate, etc.

Conducting community goodwill projects.

Organizing and working on “get to the polls” campaigns, to insure that everyone who will vote in our favor can have the opportunity to do so.

Recruiting new associates and volunteers for The Knights Party ( Knights of the Ku Klux Klan) who will work toward the election of Klansmen and Klanswomen to public office.

We must take back control of OUR U.S. government. We intend to put Klansmen and Klanswomen in office all the way from the local school board to the White House!



I’m not a coloured person, but I find that quite racist. The original “Ku Klux Klan” were a group of racist that tried to prove that black people were the enemy (no offence to anyone). What exactly do they want to advertise? Their racism? Political power? Who wrote this, I’d like to know.

~ ewok

lol. u just said alqada(ben laden) point of view with different words

They got my vote

Sorry for the horrible joke, it’s disgusting how some people still have these views.

I love this bit…

We intend to put Klansmen and Klanswomen in office all the way from the local school board…

Yeah im white and have no problem with other colored skin in fact i think there awsome! the KKK just are little mario ghosts who had others and say there christians

The original Mario ghosts on the SNES owned lol. It took me ages to get past that ghost house level. Who remembers Super Mario for the SNES?

~ ewok

I do

i hate them people with a passion there used to be a man on my street who was about 86 or somat he was a nice guy and we used to go to his house then one day he gave a kid his old revolver an told him too go kill all the blacks he saw an the man said if he dint the man would kill him the old man died a few weeks later kind of suppious i rekon somone killed him the revolver had the barrel taken out by my uncle an gave it too me the police never took it lol and he knew i was a big fan of weapons(im not a sick guy i just like weapons id never kill somone)

Im not black but this topic offends me…its racist and just thinking about the KKK is discrimination.

just thinking about the KKK is not discrimination. The populace in general needs to be informed of these racist groups to better understand why they are unacceptable in society.

I think weapons are cool to. Anyway… I think you all are right the KKK are just crazy racists which offends everyone whether colored or not

i not only hate the kkk because they r racist, but because they also call themselves christians. u know that to scare european immigrants away they burned crosses!!! and they call themselves christians!!!

Ahh I hate those guys!! :evil: I’m black (well half–my mom’s balck my dad’s white) and this KKK stuff makes me pissed.

Well just watch jhon safran versus god!!! the KKKK are on that(Klu Klux Klan Knights) and there leader:)

Jhon safran"But arn’t you rasist? KKKK"Hell yeah let me make one thing klear WE ARE RASIST!!!

this post is frikkin bs! it dis honnors me and my family the KKK can all die and got to h311!!!

are u guys thinking im a KKK? cause im not

I think scorcy is, but I’m sure everyone else knows you’re not

if i knew your addresss tomorrow your house would be burned to the ground adn the little amount of it left would be tp’d you :lol: ss

A threat? OOOOOOHHHHHHHH You wanna kill me eh? Hehehe. Well, Where do u live? JK, Are u a KKK?

im not saying hes a kkk im just saying i find the post to be rude and discriminating…I live with adopted parents and there white (no offence to white people) and its pretty hard dealing with that stuff (still happining today)