The Long Awaited........ DRAGON SCIMMY!!!

Yes! its finally here.

Post all information, pics and anything else here.

:smiley: AAAND!!! dont forget dragon skirts for the ladies!!! :twisted: i hope they make the dragon scimmy look awesome!! :smiley:

AND A F2P UPDATE!!! I can’t belive they updated for F2P. I’m so stoked. willow and maple bows, mith and addy arrows. The maple shorts are selling REAL fast.


Holy crap, yes! F2P update! I don’t believe it! does short little dance

Now THAT is just sweet.

The it is its only 100k!!!

lol did u sell it for the maul?

unfortunately its not me :frowning: itas a guy from rsc

Thank you Mods and Andrew on runescape now i can be the totally best ranger on friggin f2p
OMFG i am SOOOO HAPPY that they did that for f2p! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O

P.S. CAn u guys plz post pics for us f2p peeps with guys that have willow bows maples and mith arrows!!!

lol now i hav to do grand tree and monkey madness :frowning:

Or you could just buy it off some one

You have to beat Monkey Madness to use the Dragon Scimmy. I have 2 of them sitting in my bank right now. Wait, let me rephrase that. I have 1 in my bank, and another in my hand.

I did find it suprising that Jagex finally gave F2p some new things.

I have been waiting for something to come out in f2p.Finally,maple,and willow bows!!!And mitheril and adamant arrows!!!Hope something else comes out of f2p.(Im so jealeus of the members,I dreamed of having the dragon scimitar.)

im not jealous of members.Theyr little kids with to much time on theyr hands and beg theyr parents for money

Dont make fun of members. I am a member, my parents dont even know I play RS. my friend pays my membership for me.

and you are a whiny little f2per

whats the price range for them i heard about 108k from the stall is this correct?

i seen them going for 140k not sure tho

right, message to ALL members, get fletching and start floggin maple bows in f2p! big money time!

oh boy i can’t wait till i get members again. my parents made me get off members :frowning: but im kind of glad i did i spent some more times on neglected stats before like smithing and woodcutting. and now with all these updates i’ll be a lot more happier when i get members again. by the way don’t forget to read my smithing post!

im so happy they actually made f2p an update!!!
im mostly shocked tho!!! keep it coming !! sum day i hope all dragonhides would be f2p!