The long hard, beaten, worn, coblestone road to 59 magic


Okay everyone this is my third attempt at this:

Attempt 1: 38-50, at level 50 I was hacked.
Attempt 2: I was just starting to build up some money again and my computer broke, been broken 2 months.
Attempt 3: SO FAR, I have level 52 magic and these items:

I need: Advice, Suggestions, Janger berries, Donations, Training Spots, and whatever else you can think of…Thanks to everyone who will help.


well… i just wanna tell u exp doesnt matter on what u kill, only on what u cast! keep that in mind… also i think u should trade all of those in for laws or maybe start law running the tele to camelot 1k times and that lvls u quite easily since it guves u like 55.5 exp per tele. thats what i did!

buy some more runes with the money

what u need jangerberrys for?

nice congratz

tele 1k times to camelot or cast crumble undead in varrock sewers and when you get 55 do high alch

UPDATE: Level 55 magic :slight_smile: took 460 laws

Gratz on your 55 mage, little point in getting nats to high alch with unless you have lots of 1 item worth alching, work out how many cammy teles you need then buy that many laws, think you know what i’m playing at so i’m off.

nice work man beter get runes now there going too go up

Buy lotsa Fire Bolts+do family crest,and go own some Red Dragon. The hides will cover ur expenses and you will get good exp. I got from 57 to 61 in one day doing this.

I suggest cammy tele it got me from 52 to 60 in less than 1 hour