The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Ring.

Does anyone play this game? Sophisticated Games
It’s a lotr themed strategy/war game. You can play 1 player or multiplayer through a LAN or through Gamespy.

No, but I’d like to play it.

It needs at least 800MHz of computer speed (I only have 500 which is why I never get to do the best stuff), 256 MB of ram, a DirectX9 or higher (You ca download it on the install disk), and a bunch of other **** I don’t understand.

It’s a good game though (and very useful for when I lose internet). The game has real interactive environments for your soldiers to take advantage of or fight with a disadvantage on.

im not in the mood to wait 2minuites to download trial

That game is awful…theres a better one called LORD OF THE RINGS BATTLE FOR MIDDLE EARTH which if from film

i have battle for middle earth. is the second one out yet?

YEah Battle for middle earth is better,although i suck at it

Battle for Middle earth 2 will be coming out next year Jan…

i use to play it, i borrowed frm a mate. bfme is better though and the 2nd 1 will own!

man battle for middle earth and command and conquer is like the same, when i played it its just modern day armies… the gameplay is kinda the same, so’s the online part.

Its probably like Warcraft 3- Good over the internet…But single player wont be like BFME

lol i’m okay at it. i’m not good but i’m not bad
oh yeah and BFME2 comes out Feb, 20 '06 :smiley: