The Lumbridge Swamp Frog

what in the name of guthix do these giant frogs drop? i tried to find them without a map and got ridiculouly lost and my light went out and everything lol.

They drop:

Giant frog legs (food, heals 6) (Very ofthen), Cosmic runes (5), Nature runes (1-9), Blood runes, Coins (2-200), Mithril spear, Iron arrows (15-25), Steel arrows (45), Spinach roll, Coal, and Adamant boots

Hudo buys the fog legs fo 1k each.

ty, i have to say though, i expected better items

same, but the xp is good

there is a rumor about she drop a ice staff

ive gotten around 2-3 addy boots from the frog… stayed there for hours… its a pretty rare drop

Well there is no ice staff.