The many magical oddities of IRC chat...

Click Full Screen mode to read the text properly…lmao

wow… thats scarry

omg that scared the c**p outta me lol i cant believe he said that

:smiley: i cant beleave i lost the bid at 5m…

im gona ask mrparris if i can buy his virginty lol

lol why u would u want that =-p well i hope u get it if u really want it (ewwww)

I dunno if you already know this but… has a lot of funny IRC chats, just go into the top 100.

Nice fake?

No it’s not fake… MrParris has a tendency to say strange things like that.
It’s called a sense of the bizarre.

Yeah, Mrparris is an ODDD person :wink: Huh mr p?

hey why no1invited me to the auction i would bid my house my bank an etc

Wait till he reads that :eek: :smiley: