The Master + Them Apples mining shop

:wink: rules of the shop;)
dont exceed max’s
limited to 5 items per order


copper = 10 each (max 250)
tin = 10 each (max 250)
iron = 100 each (max 500)
silver = 150 each (max 200)
coal = 180 each (max 500)
gold = 350 each (max 200)
mith = 300 each (max 100)
addy = 900 each (max 50)


bronze = 20 each (max 250)
iron = 150 each (max 200)
silver = 150 each (max 200)
steel = 575 each (max 1000)
gold = 250 each (max 100)
mith = 1000 each (max 200)


there are 131 wet clay for sale, 40gp each

free smithing: will smith bronze, silver, gold, steel, and mith bars free if materials are provided.

order form, please fill out, copy and paste


first person on list is the person we will serve first.
we have had an exception of a few orders, id depends on what is in stock
overall, first come first serve.

current orders:

waiting list:

completed orders (pick up as soon as possible) pm me or add grommet1131 in game
– BOuntyhunt4 - 500 iron = 50k
– Zelda - 500 coal, 100 addy ores = 180k
– Kazuma225 - 200 silver ores = 30k
– El Grego - 200 silver ores = 30k
– Q7dive - 1k steel bars = 575k

orders completed and already picked up

talgaz - 500 coal = 90k
Big t - 250 tin, copper, bronze, 200 silver ores, 200 silver bars = 72k
Q7dive - 1k steel bars = 575k
Frederico - 200 silver bars, 200 gold ores = 100k
Powjon - 500 coal, 500 iron, 200 silver ores = 170k

shop employees

them apples—rsn: grommet1131

orders currently being worked on

themaster111 - 10% done

perm buyer

zelda - addy ores when i get them(them apples)


ill buy max on silver and gold bars

same, ill max out with gold and silver

rsn: bloodorcker1

order: max on copper, tin, bronze bars, silver ore, and silver bars.
Price: 72k
RSN: baller_big_t

Plz PM me in game when you are done and ready to make trade.

okay i only need max silver bars now

bars or ores?

max steel bars plz, pm me on here or on rs-q7dive when there finished thx

order: 500 coal
price: 500 * 180 = 90k
RSN: Talgaz

order:500 coal-200 silver ores-500 iron ores

i want max sivler ores also

order: 500 iron ores
Price: 50000gps
RSN: b0untyhunt4

ty guys. i am off for 3 days.
i have some orders under way, and i will get them done as soon as possible.

i will try not to keep people waiting too long

i have the 500iron done for bountyhunt4

lets put it aside for powjon, he ordered first, in all respect and fairness

i got enough for them both lol

ok, since we have it in stock

kk where shud i collect it?

Max on addy ores( i’l buy 100 from the special thing) i know it isn’t mentioned anywhere, but if you like perm buyer, i would like to be one for addy ore.
Max on coal

=180k :slight_smile:

plz pm me here or ingame when the order is ready as i will most likely forget about this lol.

zelda, sounds good, ill get you addy ores, and you can be a perm buyer.

RS name: kobol_king
max on gold ore and silver bars.