The Monopaly Challenge---??? VS. Lokevin

I am a master player in Monoplaly! I just discovered they have a online Monoplaly ( ).

Lowest Stake:50k (50000GP)
Higest Stake: (For now) 100k (100000GP)

Leave your post for any challenge againest me!!!
NO for fun games!!!

i see another fad coming on…scrabble…chess…pool…monopoly


Ghostspike, give it a rest… It isn’t gonna stop. As of now, no rule has been made, so it is perfectly legal. I see no great problem with it… yet…

Ok jtg,u all think it’s ok now, but wait ontill later.

the worst thing that’ll happen is ppl will get to carryed away and theyll be turrnys for everything, checkers, tic tack to. scores on games, rs gambling, everything, thats the worst thatll happen, and then itll get to annoying so mods wil do something about it

comon i need challenges not complaints or comments!:king:

il b a challenger but i need mony,

Do u have 1 million?


wow i might chalenge him in a few days cant right now i will pm ya when i can chalenge you ok

ok thx u guyz

no prob… when i get the mony, I might challenge you

ok thx you guyz again

when i get the money, be prepared to be owned

I think its just gonna die down soon. Happens with all fads, happened with riddles, its gonna happen with this.

Yep, so why now make a few mil GPs while it’s still fresh? I know I did :smiley: