The most honorable person on rsr?

Previous topic was locked by me for massive flaming. However, I believe it is a good topic, and that this should be an open discussion.

At the first sign of flaming this will be locked.

I think that Mrparris or Gemini are the most honorable. And yes, gemini was offered modship. He declined it because he doesn’t like responsibility.

Mrparris and Gemini, nice people, never flaming, always helpful…


Gemini over me anyday, he’s more helpful, more polite and a better person overall :p.

~ ewok

But not half as funny :stuck_out_tongue:


This is exactly from the last topic on this and hes my response:

Ahem…are u forgetin ur favorite lovable noob? Chaosnoob99! lol jk jk
But i think the rolemodels for RSR are…mainly all the mods like Dedmen, Xgod, Gemini, Infil, and all the others. Then ppl like Blink and Mrparris…

Gc…Theres two of the same topic now, and I think god chaser, geminiman, infiltrater, redwraith, duke for their knowledge/advice and their thoughtful posts.

I think
Mrparris, Dan, Gemini, Foob :), Dez are all great people!

i think Geminiman, Mrparris, Fruitybird, Chase, Keyser, and a lot more i forgot to name in my haste are all honorable people here at rsr. They’re all helpful and considerate in thier own way… Of course, all the mods, such as Duke, infil, Iced, Xgod-chaserX, sportfreak, dez, Dedmen, Jolio, and any other i haven’t named are too… They’ve all done something for rsr… Without the admins and mods help, rsr might never have became what it is today-a great site with tons of active users posting everyday… Many people here have contributed to this awsome site and should be remembered… Personally, i think everyone here is honorable and special in his or her own way… Well, that’s just my opinion…

The mods are unsung heros :p, They put up with a loada crap and don’t get a lot of respect.

On the other hand, they really aren’t that much different from regular RSR members. What does makes someone honourable? Reputation? Power? Kindness? No. The most honourable person is the one that gets up everyday and does what he has to do. He doesn’t expect glory or praise, he doesn’t complain, he just does whatever he has to do.

~ ewok

Well I think that no doubt I’m the most honorable person on runescaperealm. LOL JK but I really think that Geminiman is the most honorable person (just my opinion folks). But then you got people like Mrparris, chaosnoob, redwraith0, Wintercat, and Blink sharing their insight on things… Never making bad comments. Also all of the moderators and most of the House of Lord members are honorable people. :slight_smile:

All of the above… give me a few months and i should reach that level of responsibility… wait. I can’t… I just like to stir up trouble… thats my job.

Almost everyone who’s been on the realm for a long time, a lot of the more active members are really great people who you can really get close to. And if nothing else, they add a little flavor to the forums.

Gah… I’m out… :stuck_out_tongue: lol jk

I judge honor on:


Basically the Boy scout motto minus clean and reverant.

no…gemini just makes longer posts…waaay longer…

but he helps explain things a lot in his long posts

u get straight and 2 the point

Well just because Gemini’s posts are usually fairly long doesn’t mean that, say, mrparris’ posts are better ( Not saying who’s are better here lol). No matter how these great individuals on RSR, they all get their point across :slight_smile:

ME!!! no jkjk lol i dont even think any1 knows me :frowning: i think its gemini :).

he always says positive posts and he never flames anyone…but sometimes he get to discriptive in his posts, lol jk he’s kool

Sorry for reviving such an old topic but man… I do NOT deserve such honorations from all these people… Man… I could list all the peeps I find honorable on this site but the list would be too long… But yeah, I, for one, agree with superspaz… I personally think mrparris’s posts are better than mine… He gets to the point without boring anyone and he acutally puts funny humor into most of his posts unlike me… But yeah, he’s a better person than me overall in my humble opinion… Pfft… I think everyone here is better than me… But yeah just to name a few… All the mods, admins, staff, HoL, and such of course, Redwraith, Wintercat (Who gets my award for being the nicest person here on RSR… Sorry wraith… Though you get the runner up with Salmoneous, mrparris, malibubrad, and I guess Keyser as well… *I’ve never really seen Keyser make a blatent flame here on RSR ever… Neither the other’s I have mentioned… And many more of course… Sorry if you didn’t make the list… I was just naming a few examples…), other than those I have mentioned so far, well heck… My list will be really long… Just know that I find everyone from ranks 1-5000 honorable… Because I know them as better people than me… Sorry if I left anyone out…

:smiley: You mentioned me! And I don’t care, in my opinion Wintercat is also the nicest person on RSR after you!

*I’ve never really seen Keyser make a blatent flame here on RSR ever

Does this mean I should start blatantly flaming instead of closet flaming?