The new feedback system.

Well about two weeks ago I came up with an idea. I came to me when I was clicking all of the links on the navigation bar. I clicked the feedback link and then hit me. So a went and told the other active staff about my idea then we started actioning it. We started contacting people from RuneScapeRealm and asking them questions about RuneScapeRealm. My theory was right. I recieved alot more information when i talked to people than what was being posted in RuneScapeRealm suggestions.After a week we had alot of feedback so I decided that Duke Atreide should see what we came up with. He liked the idea so we are still contacting people. The way it works is very simple. We look up your username for RuneScape and then ask you a few questions and it is 100% anonymous. If you have been contacted by one of the staff members; Handmedown, Jezza and I (Flopster0) do you have any feedback fpr the new feedback system? Or if you want to be contacted sooner please post and then provide feedback. if you have any questions simply post below as well.

Thank you, The kindest staff member around :smiley:

You started a questioning session with me but it was kinda cut short and you told me you were gonna get back to me… Not to sound demanding or hasty or anything… I just wanted to remind you that you wanted to finish that feedback thing with me…

As there is a lot of people on RSR we can’t possibly interview every one right now so just pm us and your name will go to the top of the list.

If you are “wetting” your pants then use the feedback system here

Everyone please dis-regard this quote from flopster0

Geminiman who interviewed you flopster0 or me? If it was me just tell me and I’ll get on RS right now. If it was flopster0 tell me and I’ll get on RS anyway. :slight_smile: If it was flopster0 then you’ll have to tell me what was the last question he asked you.


Sorry to get offtopic, but maybe there should be a poll: “Who is the kindest staff member?” My bet’s on Geofreak :smiley:

~ ewok

I will finish what I started geminiman, don’t worry and don’t let Handmedown interview you.

Handmedown it isn’t a big deal ok?

even though every one knows that I’m the kindest staff member around :smiley:

Interview me please! I have some suggestions!


Pfft… Well, who ever’s gonna finish the interview… Just tell me what time and what world to get on RS and I’ll do my best to show up…

Its a shame you can’t make that smiley any smaller

Oh yeah i did this lol its a good idea i think

Well, I mean honestly, how many people have actually used the feedback page or even known about it?

I don’t use it, that’s because I don’t have to. I give any feedback directly to Duke.

Well, It doesn’t really matter cause the stuff from the feedback page goes directly to Duke anyway. Just to a different email address. (or the same, I don’t really know.)