The new me - Ferkahhan Léuthmar

This is the new me.
Please excuse the age - I got carried away.
Sorry about the size, it’s A3.

I did this while playing Onimusha Blade Warriors with some mates :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice one, 8/10.

yeah…ok you did get carried away with the age wouldnt he be like dead right now? lol

very nice work 10/10

nice 9/10… the age is a bit much lol

Nice… 7.95728/10 8)

lol coud u be any more precise?

yeah pretty cool
good work

I did not go overboard with the age really.
I’m writing a short story about Ferkahhan and Tafrimus Léuthmar.

It’s nearly finished.

nice… i think the age is ok, not that carried away… 9/10.

Shouldn’t he have no hair at that age… :?

yeah…ok you did get carried away with the age wouldnt he be like dead right now? lol

Not really.
These are Dragitans (Drag-eye-tans) - a race I made up.

Normal Dragitans live for the average human lifespan e.g. 85.

However, they can be imbued with Immortality or Godliness for performing
a heroic act.

The Story of Tafrimus and Ferkahhan Léuthmar

In 170310 BD (before draconis), Ferkahhan was 38 and his brother
Tafrimus was 37. They were the first ever Dragitans - Ferkahhan started
the race of Dragitans. Ferkahhan were elected the leaders as they were
the only Dragitans who had wings (Ferkahhan doesn’t have wings in the
picture I know, read on to find out why) In the Ald Rudra Chasm, the
Drakkethta (a different race) had also elected a leader - a dark lord -

Ferkahhan was inexplicably tall - he was 8’4" while his brother remained
5’9" but Serkaraath was a colossal 12’7". As dark lords do - Serkaraath
decided to declare war on the Dragitans. The problem was, Serkaraath
was legendary, for his fighting skills and powers. Ferkahhan could kick
a mountain in two, Tafrimus could melt a mountain with his magick, but
Serkaraath could shatter a tectonic plate with a single punch.

Ferkahhan and Tafrimus led an army of 200,000 against Serkaraath’s
army of 130,000. They formed ranks facing each other in the plains of
Retharenk. The armies began to charge to their fates.

The armies drew closer and closer, Tafrimus and Ferkahhan flying
overhead. Serkaraath stood out like a sore thumb so the whole army
charged for him. Serkaraath looked down at the small Dragitans charging
towards him. He drew his Dai-Katana (which was taller than him). He drew
it back as the army neared. His immensly powerful arm swung forward,
bringing the razor sharp sword with it.

With a few slashes, Serkaraath had dismembered the entire opposing
army. He turned to the two leaders, who were still in the air, terrified for
what had just happened. Tafrimus was the first to act. The anger that built
up inside him from the demolition of their army burst out of him in the
form of a lightning bolt, it crackled towards Serkaraath with unbelievable
speed. The electrical beam destroyed the dripping blade in a split second.

Ferkahhan charged downwards. Serkaraath quickly recovered from the
destruction of his sword to swing a vorpal punch at the attacking Dragitan.
As the clenched fist hit Ferkahhan in the stomach, he was thrown back
and was flying through the air at a high rate of knots. As this happened,
the high speeds caused him to feel a lacerating pain just below his shoulders.
There was a sickly tearing noise as Ferkahhan’s wings were ripped from
his back and fell from the air to the floor in front of Serkaraath, who
stamped on them, to eradicate their use.

Ferkahhan flew through the air unconscious with his brother flying to catch
him. Ferkahhan’s unconscious body began to lose altitude, falling towards
the rocky ground. Tafrimus was under him. He caught the immense body
and flew back to the plains of Retharenk, to destroy Serkaraath for
destroying his brother’s life.

Ferkahhan woke up with a groan of pain as they came to land, a few
hundred feet from Serkaraath and his army. Serkaraath’s army charged
for the two Dragitans. Tafrimus turned to the oncoming mass, his eyes
glowing red. He lowered his hands to the floor in their path.
“Tectonus Fluxus!” he bellowed.
The ground began to shake. The earth beneath the army began to heat
rapidly. The solid rock liquified in seconds, incinerating the Drakkethta.
After the army was destroyed, leaving only Serkaraath alive Tafrimus
closed his eyes.
“Inspissatus” he murmured.
The ground solidified and cooled instantly. Tafrimus slumped to the
floor, severely weakened. Ferkahhan got to his feet and staggered
over to his fallen brother, knelt down and whispered in his ear.
Serkaraath began to move towards them.

“Tafrimus… When I charge at him… you… you must fire a stunning
bolt at me.” whispered Ferkahhan.
Tafrimus coughed.
“W…why?” he replied.
“I have an idea. It may destroy him. Just do it.”
With this, Ferkahhan, got up, turned to Serkaraath and began to run
at him. Serkaraath stopped, staring at the Dragitan, whose speed
was increasing greatly. 50ft from Serkaraath, Ferkahhan leapt.
1 kilometer away, Tafrimus raised his hand and fired his strongest
stunning spell at Ferkahhan. It travelled through the air faster than
the speed of sound. Ferkahhan turned in the air at the last second.
The spell whipped past his right ear and hit Serkaraath in the face.
Ferkahhan’s foot ignited to perform his mountain crushing kick.
He raised his leg as he drew closer to Serkaraath’s head. He
brought the leg slashing round and it connected with Serkaraath’s
nose. With an almighty explosion, Serkaraath was decapitated.
His head was blasted into pieces. The body collapsed to the floor
and Ferkahhan landed, turned and ran to his brother and helped him
to his feet.
“Excellent…timing.” wheezed Tafrimus.
“And you.” smiled Ferkahhan. Blood still oozed from his back where
his wings once were. The clouds parted and a ball of white light shot
from the sky and consumed the two Dragitans. Ferkahhan’s flesh healed
and Tafrimus regained his magick. They felt inexplicably powerful.
They had become imbued.

Nice story.

That was slighty long, but I took the time to read it all :smiley: That was actually very engrossing lol, and I’m not really a big fan of all this mythical stuff…

~ ewok

That’s cool. I think he might be slightly older than me.

9/10 cos I like the lil stat section.

im srry to say this but your work is kinda lame it looks like something a 5 year old did maybe if i knew how to do the pics i could show u some real art

If you’re saying that you don’t know how to upload your own drawings, go here:
That will tell you everything that you need to know about uploading the pictures from your computer. I’d like to see your “artistic ability” if you’re dissing Joliojoilo. I’ll admit, he’s not the best artist, but what he lacks there is made up ten-fold when it comes to his ability at making pictures on computer.
Anyway, post your work. I’d like to see some of it.

Well I am sorry if you think that my work is ‘lame’.

Anyone heard of VCL? If not it is the world’s largest anthropomorphic (half
animal, half human) art website. If my work was so lame why would they accept me?

Here is a link to my artist page

I specify in one type of art - anthropomorphic.
You try doing an anthropomorphic picture if you’re so clever.