The new: Run Escape!

Look, the new Run Escape:

Here is first picture:

…and here it is again:

And here is the second picture:

…and here IT is again:

rate please…

…ya i think every1 alredy knows that =p

do they? i mean ofcause they know Run Escape = RuneScape but isnt this the first thread of it…?

lol every1 gets that, no ive seen another run escape thread

lol i like the first one but the 2nd isant that good.

sort of good fake but easy to make 5/10

:stuck_out_tongue: not bad i rate it 6/10 for the effort and cause its cute :smiley:

Thats nott much, but thanks!

Good Effort! :yes: 8/10

it not bad 6/10