The New Runes

Here is the new runes…

and here…

I know its a screenshot and shall be in screenshots, but its a new thing in RuneScape and the screenshots are just for…yes…just for you can look at the new runes…

yea…all u gotta do is look in RuneCrafting advancements.

and that was what i do! Isnt they new… the runes?

woops i forgot stream and smoke runes

so…where are the alters?
has anyone figured that out yet?

darn you members, why do you get everything? BTW, nice runes. I want the lava. prolly a combo of some runes.

Lava: Earth + Fire
Mist: Water + Air
Dust: Earth + Air
Mud: Earth + Water

dont think there are any new alters yet. there still arent Death and Blood alters yet either…

I wonder what new spells they are going to give us along with the new runes.

ah ok…but yea i like the combination idea

LOL you know more about members than members. I’m F2P though.

Earth + fire = Lava
Earth + Water = mud
Earth + Air = dust

Water + Air = Mist
Water + Fire = Steam
Water + Earth = Mud

Fire + Air = Smoke
Fire + Water = Steam
Fire + Earth = Lava

Air + Fire = Smoke
Air + Water = Mist
Air + Earth = Dust


This should clear up ALL confusion


I agree thats probably how it works but you might have to go somewhere special or something.

oh yea hehe…forget they were combinations.

owl i dont think they’re that many combos…

yes there is, i just played with them =D

Very very nice

Yeah, it looks like maybe the update next week will have new lower-level spells with the new runes…I’m checking the spells box right now and there’s no use for them so far.

lol, ok. Man, I want those runes!!! Where are the altars? Hey you members, find out where dey are!

Even if you want them so bad, your not gonna get them. They’re members only. Like the blood runes.

I think they’re only used for the existing spells.

No they can’t be used for the existing spells. They aren’t used in any of them. And what’s the point of creating new runes if your not gonna create new spells?