The OC -- Elite Runescape Clan -- Lv.70+ Combat

Join us today!

Like Pking + Wars?

Pk Movies - -

Adore Drop parties?

Is having fun your thing?

Want to join?

As long as you have a mature attitude, a sense of humour and pass our requirements you’ll be gladly accepted!

You must have;

Lv.70+ Combat


Lv.60+ Magic/Ranged

You also require knowledge of the clan rules which can be viewed on the website!

So? What are you waiting for?


-Giant 0tter
–Leader of The OC

Otter why you making 2 topics?

Looks around

I don’t see two topics?

Lol I can just look in ur profile and prob find like 5 topics.

Edit- OMFG you do have 5 topics!

Your begining to spam up my thread. One of the reasons you were booted from OC. :slight_smile: