The official Harry Potter 4 movie thread!!!

No other threads on this!!!

Abvisouly the movie has not come out yet but it is less then a week away! What are your expectations and assumtions of how well the movie will be…

To visit the official website click here!

To view the trailer go Here

Here is something to get the discussion started…

Apparantley Death Eaters look like KKK members except with black cloaks…

Lol you noob i hate you forever…

Well on topic: The movie looks awesome go to the official website. I hated how they put the time back it was coming out 18th now it is 1st.


To be honest i’d rather watch The Magic Roundabout again. Not because i liked it, but because the harry potter movies are so rushed as they have to fit so much in, that there just lame.

Hope it’s not as bad as the 3rd movie, all I can say.

Getting the GoF on DVD on Monday =)

Looks excellent, can’t wait.

That would be funny if on the six movie he had no hair and he was hairless potter.

w00t! EMMA WATSON!!!

only nerds like harry potter in my opinion

Only nerds play runescape enough to join a forum :stuck_out_tongue:

don’t the movie come out this weekend?

I believe it comes out on Thursday…

Thursday is Thanksgiving in America =-) Anyway I’m looking foward. The books are easy, Read 'em all in less then a week, but the movies are pretty good.

Yeah, shes real hot by anyone’s measure. Except gay guys, then not so much.

I am excited, it comes out saturday for me…I think :wink:

the harry potter movie comes out tommorrow for me and i might go see it at midnight tonight

Lol, i can’t wait to go and see the movie.

dude the movie is tomorrow

finally hp has come i hav been dyin for it
pre booked bout week before
first seats

Pfft… Read the Order of the Phoenix in two days and the Half Blood Prince in one day. =D

that took u long