The Official RSR Pass The Potatoe (USA Only)

Starts in Nj. Lets get this thing around the states boys! (and girls)

ok, I did it, That marks off one state for you,

Wewt! I claimed California.

lol, I have alabama

How long do you think it will take for it to get around?

Why are you laughing? ALAMBAMA IS DA BOMB! (except for the few racists)

It’s in north dakota :slight_smile:

  • Potato Stats -
    Travel Days
    Times Passed
    Miles Traveled
    Average Speed (mph)

Fast tater =-O

What if you wanted to live somewhere in America but don’t? :wink:

Yes it is! I was just laughing because that’s the kind of mood i’m in, if I want to, I can laugh alot. I LOVE ALABAMA!

Go ahead as long as you have a zip code and its alright with Sting.

I’ll use my Uncle’s zip :stuck_out_tongue:

Pensylvania(sp) 4tw.

come on people pass the stupid potato. lol

Sure I dont care just get the dang thing around the states!

I got ohio w00t w00t!!!

lol congrats anyone lese feel like passing on the potato. Have you not seen the joy it has given people who have claimed states. lol jk

I control Iowa! Time to start an empire!

wow, that was special, have fun with that, but you might have a little trouble talkting the squirels and penguins into that. they’ve had their heart set on that state for a loooooooooong time.

Someone claim my hometown!

add 76306 if not in america thats my old zip

Hehe i claim MA