the opdate really helped this time!

that new update just made all those ess autoers go to auto ess running! now there just getting air runes to sell instead of ess (because the drop of price)

to lazy to get a pic but come to world 17 air altar theres a couple now

lol selling airs runes aew good?

hmmmm…ima go see :slight_smile:

autoers shalt parish!!!

lol, but autoers can still make money, it doesnt help all that much

yeah, if they don’t mine ess, they’ll find something else.

Yeah, lol. Such as cutting Mage Logs as I saw one doing a few days ago, lol.

meh most of them moved to yew logs just check varrock castle and the yews behind falador lumby :s

ya but jagex is tracking the trades to main…so it will stop soon we all hope

yer hopefully

thats why the update sucked!!! Jagex is stupid as hell!! seriously!!

i noticed it is easier to get ess for 20gp each now, even saw as low as 14gp each for many of them.
so i bought a lot of the ess, and soon i’m going to go craft all of my ess, i guess i could follow the macroers for easy trips back and forth =(

Lol, its stupid for them to craft that, people can just get a staff.

people would buy the fire staff because fire runes are more expensive and still need the air runes usually to cast and magic attack spell…

Eh, what do I know? I’m outta whack, since being retired.

so maybe you can go back to rs for awhile, just to see how everything looks like now, a lot of gfx updates has past since you last played regularly.
it may be even more appealing to you now than before :wink:

try to have some fun in something =D

[sarcasm]Yep, jagex is really getting smart now![/sarcasm]
EDIT:And since you can’t get random events while rcing even simple autoers can auto air rc… but of course they’ll find someway to tick everyone who doesn’t auto off but just disconvience autoers…