The Pillars of Runescape are recruiting all who want to join

The Pillars of Runescape are recruiting anyone. We are always looking for new members. We accept Members and Non Members equally. We have no problem with Members or non members so please join.

hey can i join? my rs name is wavedude1106 and im lvl 39 combat

is there like something that people in the clan wear so we know if there in it or not or somthing like that?

ill join unless this clan is american cause thats why i left my last clan. i couldnt go on hunting trips cause i wud hav to get up at 5 am!

will ther b a web site an if ther is wat will it be called

my rs name is dabrynfordit an im lv 32 combat…at the moment!

we accept all who wish to join. the clan is in an american world but many members are on at different times so i can plan around peoples scheduels.

yo dude i wish 2 jion do u acsept?

i will join my rs name is melroseman

you can join. all can join. if you want to join just let me know and you will be in. this clan is going great.

i’ll join runescape name chaos lordv

i’ll join i i will the foos supplyer ok?

I wish to join your clan. I am jas1268 i have pm’d you already.

is this a pking clan or anitpking

this clan will start having some pking trips when enough people want to go pking. right now we are neutral on pking. i just want people to have fun with others which is why i made the clan.

i’ll join rs2 name megamat2004 can supply us lobbys

hey guys, im up for joining your gang im combat lvl 44 with many other skills. no preference over pkilling im also a member so have acess to other places :slight_smile: so i can get us coloured gloves etc etc

RS name : danjohnson58

your in. get a green cape if you dont have 1 yet. that is all you need to be in. looks like the clan is growing fast.

hey just wondering, are we going to have a website with
a forum and a members page that has everyone whos in the clans name on it
or somthing along those lines :lol:

we will get a website when we have 50 members. tell friends about the clan. a website is going to come when we have 50 members.