the player homes update

im kinda confused is the house going to be for respawning when you die or just there for no reason?

i dunno but it gonna be cool…

what are we talking about?!

The new POH’s (Player-Owned Houses) coming up for runescape… Boy I can’t wait no more! Hurry up runescape staff and get them in the game NOW! :smiley:


They are going to create carpentry alongside POHs. With the carpentry skill, you will be able to make things for your home like tables, chairs, and decorations. The point of them is to make the game seem some what more realistic.

um well i hope where you build it is were you respawn when you die.
so its like a respawn pitn in you house instead of alway going lumby. but if u can build it anywhere then thats kinda rubbish coz the streets will be over cluttered with poh’s. but set like zoness on where you can build in like red zones like in every town.

player owned houses are sweet i am going to build one in the middle of cwars lol

so can u get robbed? ima get my theiving to 80 just incase :slight_smile: hehe* lol jk but seriously can we like egg houses and stuff? spray paint em. ive been told im a pretty mean tagger…ummm i mean not like i have before :king:

lol thats funny

cool thought wish they could be non-members f2p

I’m going to start my plan of rs economy domination by smithing 100,000billion nails and sell them with carpentry comes out!

well good luck with that it should only take u about umm… A REALLY LONG TIME!!! and thats if u play 24/7 a little bit more if u dont play that much lol

I think the trick to making money on this is buying real estate. I hope they don’t put all the houses in one island though. I’d be cool to get some city property. Man if space is limited on these houses I will definaty put ALL of my bank account into buying up property, limited resources and unlimited wants = BIG BUCKS

omg when pohs come out im gonna use it to hold my rune hally and use it to invest in stock and im gonna find a dragon chain under the carpet pl0x and… No.

Player owned houses won’t be like that. It’ll probably be a place with a sink, bed and thats about it.

wait a sec its only for members!???!!! that aint fair!

just about everything new is for members

well i dont know a whole lot about these houses but i do know that i hope it happends soon and i will for sure invest lots of my money in to these homes and hopefully make lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

they will be like that
u will have an ammy or ring which when u rub it, u tele to your house, and it made basiccally for clan support

woah woah woah what do you mean its not fair, if they gave none members houses than whats the point of making them. they wouldnt have enuff room to update anymore, the map would be coverd in houses. if you want a house so badly become a member, thats why they have a members version. you cant expect jagex to give non members everything members get…than there would be no reason to have members and jagex would go out of business…

ummmmmmm…right…what he said!