The Pope Bringing it to first page as he is dieing

well i was bored and i have no clue y he came to mind but here is my version of the pope

This is not meant to offend any1 im sorry if it does i made it because i needed somthing to do

Hehe… Funny… I like the light effect you put on the end of his staff… Good job… 8/10… Keep up the good work…

10/10 funny

lol, very good! 9/10
how long did it take u to make?

ty everyone

hey u have paint shop pro dont u do u have to buy it or can u download it…9/10 it’s good

funny lol 8/10
i like the light on the end of the staff!

that looks cool. 8/10
btw isnt the pope ill in hospital or something?


he was ill,but now he’s fired

Lol nice pic 8/10

hehe funny

evry1 think it really that good?

Im athiest but thats just funy! 11/10 :lol:

great job on the pic! i hope the REAL pope gets well because he’s sick.

lol, great job! i like how u did the light too 10/10

Lol nice version of him. You should’ve made the body and the arms with black lines like the rest of him.

ok jacob and btw ho did u create the guy in ur avater and the gys in ur old siggy

i dare som1 tto put it as their avvy

what the pope or jacobs???

haha nice job 10/10